Evolution Studios accidentally went live with DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition this morning, but quickly pulled it from the PS Store because the game’s servers aren’t yet ready.

The developer apologised via Twitter, but some sharp-eyed gamers had already managed to download the game.

According to Evolution, these people will be able to play it, but perhaps not connect to the game’s servers.

The paid version of Driveclub launched on October 9 last year. Both the paid and PlayStation Plus versions of the game were supposed to launch alongside the PlayStation 4 in late 2013, but both suffered long delays.

Even after launch, server problems kept players offline, and by way of apology, Sony eventually offered some of the game’s DLC to players for free.

It’s all a great shame as paid version of the game was decent if not astounding at launch, and has only improved since then with the addition of cars, tracks, and weather effects.