Io-Interactive and Square Enix announced the latest title in the Hitman series, entitled Hitman, at Sony's E3 2015 presentation yesterday.

Hasty to distance the game from the series' disappointing previous title Hitman: Absolution, the stealth title will feature "huge and intricate sandbox levels" and a variety of methods of assassinating Agent 47's targets.

Those levels will be located in locales such as Paris, Italy, and Marrakesh, also distancing the game (physically) from Absolution's American Midwest setting.

The game will be released digitally in a pseudo-episodic fashion over the course of a year, taking the pressure off the developers and allowing player feedback to be incorporated into subsequent missions.

Hitman will be released December 8, 2015, on new-gen consoles and PC. Its "initial storyline" will conclude approximately a year later.