Daniel Radcliffe is in talks to star in a movie dramatising the development of "Grand Theft Auto", says the Hollywood Reporter.

"Grand Theft Auto" will be a retelling the fight between the creator of the iconic videogame series, Sam Houser, and the lawyer Jack Thompson, who campaigned to ban violent videogames.

Radcliffe, best known for his starring role in the Harry Potter series, is tipped to play Houser.

Throughout the naughties, Thompson attacked media companies for promoting what he considered to be objectionable content, including rap, sex, and violence. The Grand Theft Auto series was a favourite target of Thompson's. In 2008, Thompson was disbarred for professional misconduct.

The script has been penned by James Wood, and is based on the book Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto by David Kushner.

Radcliffe has worked hard to put Harry Potter behind him. He has successfully taken on a number of more challenging roles, most notably as a heroin-addicted doctor during the Russian Revolution in A Young Doctor's Notebook.