Bungie will add a frequently requested feature in Destiny patch 1.1.1: Heroic Strike Matchmaking.

The change means players will no longer need to rely on friend lists or third-party services to take on some of the game's top tier weekly content.

“We wanted the Weekly Heroics to be a challenge that pushed you and your buddies, but what we observed was that these strikes don’t demand the same cooperation of a cohesive pre-made group,” said design lead M.E. Chung.

“The overwhelming community response was such that many players didn’t have the numbers on their friends list to experience the activity on a weekly basis.”

Players will no longer be able to solo the weekly Heroic Strike. Nightfall still requires pre-made teams.

Bungie is also adding a reputation UI in 1.1.1.

The patch is expected to go live later this month.