As a measure of penance for the server issues that plagued the launch of Driveclub, Sony has announced that it will offer the game's November premium DLC packs for free to all who purchased the game.

In a Facebook post, developer Evolution Studios said it continues to "work diligently to resolve all of the server issues.

"We know you have all been extremely patient and understandably frustrated during Driveclub’s launch, and to show our appreciation for the support during this challenging time, we will be offering the premium DLC packs for November (25th November-SCEA/26th November-SCEE/27th November-SCEJ) free to those who purchased the full game.

Included in the November DLC is the Ignition Expansion Pack the Photo-Finish Tour Pack, and two livery packs. These will add a total of five new cars, 22 new tour events, 10 new trophies and 10 new livery items.

In addition, the game's Season Pass will be extended to include four extra packs in July 2015.

This week, Evolution will also release a patch that includes the player requested Photo Mode feature. Other fixes and additions in the patch include:

Improved multiplayer collision physics to reduce frustrating spin-outs
Adjustments to soften the corner cutting penalty system
Options in the club menu to view everything your club has unlocked
A fix to allow all club owners to update their club badges

There will also be three new tracks, Yedepalli in India, Wester Ross in Scotland, and Los Pelambres in Chile.

A PlayStation Plus version of the game is still in the works, said Evolution, but it had no update on the timing of its launch.