Evolution Studios is not sure when the PlayStation Plus version of Driveclub will launch.

“PS Plus Edition news will come as soon as we have concrete info – sorry to keep you all waiting,” wrote the developer on the game’s official Facebook page.

Driveclub PS Plus Edition was supposed to launch with the full retail version on October 9, but was delayed when game struck server problems at launch.

“To our PS Plus fans, we're sorry you're having to wait longer to play, but we want to ensure that when you come on board, you get the best experience possible,” said game director Paul Rustchynsky at the time.

According to Evolution, most players are now able to play the game online.

“We can see that the majority of you can now get online, but we know that at peak times of the day it can still be hard to get connected, so we are still working to improve connectivity with every update to the servers,” it said.

“We can also see that when you do get connected, some of you are having a hard time getting into multiplayer races and that posting leaderboard results can sometimes take a lot longer than you'd expect.

“These connectivity issues stem from the same unforeseen server problem that we've been working to get on top of since we launched Driveclub, and while we are getting on top of the problem now, we are still working round the clock to keep improving gameplay for you.

“We will continue to keep you up to speed with the improvements we make and would like to thank you again for all of your feedback and messages about your time with the game so far – please keep them coming.”

Evolution plans to release new content for the game every month until June 2015.