Lindsay Lohan has submitted 67 new pages of of evidence in her case against the creators of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive.

Lohan claimed Rockstar used her likeness without her permission to create the Lacey Jonas character in the game.

Lohan's lawsuit claimed that Jonas is an "unequivocal" reference to the Mean Girls actress.

Of the 67 new pages of evidence, 45 are images, reports the Hollywood Reporter. The images are of a blonde haired woman in a red bikini used to promote the game on merchandise and in advertising. Lohan originally claimed that the blonde haired figure was based on her, however, British actress Shelby Welinder subsequently said she was the likeness used, and presented her Rockstar paycheck as evidence.

Now, Lohan's lawyers are calling Welinder a "look-alike model" used to "evoke the persona and image" of Lohan.

"The Defendants were in the business of selling games as opposed to artists displaying artwork in galleries for profit where unauthorized images or portraits of individuals were reproduced in limited editions as opposed to the mass production for commercial promotion and financial gain."

Lawyers representing Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive have asserted that Lohan's lawsuit is simply a bid for attention.

Rockstar's lawyers said that Lohan's lawsuit has no merit, and that she "filed for publicity purposes", reported the Associated Press in July.

Rockstar's lawyers want the case dismissed, and want Lohan to pay their legal fees.