If Naughty Dog didn’t consider a sequel to The Last of Us, it “would be a disservice” to the studio and the game’s fans, says community strategist Arne Meyer.

Speaking with Videogamer, Meyer mulled over the possibility of another game set in The Last of Us’ universe.

“I think we always make a smart decision in that all of our games are self-contained stories so they don’t have to continue if we don’t want them to or if there’s no reason for them to continue,” he said.

“It really comes down to is there something interesting in this universe we’ve created that we want to continue to explore? Is it something that we can get the entire team passionate about? Is it something we can get the creative directors excited about and then we could continue it?”

In February, creative director Neil Druckmann said the studio was brainstorming ideas for both a sequel and for new IP.

“To be honest, some of them are sequel ideas, and some of them are brand new IP - we've spent the last few weeks brainstorming new IP. So we have to get some good steps and see,” he said.

“It's kind of like how we approached Left Behind. Can we tell people a story that's really worth telling, and that's not repeating itself? And if we can't, where can we get inspired - what is something that's really going to challenge us, and push storytelling in this medium forward?”

Meanwhile, The Last of Us Remastered is out on PlayStation 4 on July 30.