DriveClub is in no condition to be released and its developers are going "back to the drawing board", says Sony Worldwide Studios executive Scott Rohde.

Speaking with IGN, Rohde said the publisher didn't want to release a game half-cooked.

"Sometimes this happens in the normal course of business, where we think we’re on track to deliver what we think is going to be a great game, and when we get closer, we realise that we’d be doing everyone a disservice if we shipped it before it was ready.

“So, I think that at PlayStation, perhaps more than at other places, we’re willing to kinda eat that [cost], and go back to the drawing board and make sure the game is great before we ship it. And that’s what’s going on right now with that game.”

In October 2013, Sony pushed the release of the PlayStation 4 exclusive to this year.

The social racer was to be a launch title for Sony’s new-gen console.

A cut-down version of the game, DriveClub PS Plus Edition, was to be the first PlayStation Plus offering for the PlayStation 4.