Diablo III’s controversial real-money and in-game gold auction houses will return in Reaper of Souls, but Blizzard intends to undermine the feature with a series of changes to the way loot works in the expansion.

Speaking with PCGamer, lead content designer Kevin Martens said that playing the game will be the more efficient way to accumulate items.

“It is fun to go buy something instantly, the instant gratification feel, that sugar high, however it’s not the core fantasy, it’s not the most fun and by the endgame, for a variety of reasons, they tend to check the auction house first and play the game second.”

“That’s not what we intend, and we do want to address that, so the loot system and the enchanting and crafting systems are both intended to cut the legs out from the auction house; to make it unnecessary to go on it to some degree, where the most fun way to play the game becomes the best way to play the game.”

Among the changes are “smart drop” items attuned to the player character, more Legendary-level items, a new crafter called a Mystic who has the ability to transmute statistics from one item to another, and a new Loot Run mode, reports PCGamer.

Loot Runs are randomly generated dungeons that will take 15 to 20 minutes to complete, and will allow players to hunt out loot without repeating the same places and patterns ad nauseum, said Martens.

“So we say, ‘Oh, you want efficiency? How about efficiency, like Loot Runs, how about you definitely get the best gear from there. Mathematically, that’s the best.’ Then they can stop doing that Alkaizer run in act three that everyone does.”

The updated loot system will be rolled out to all players before the expansion is released.