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MLB The Show 20

PS4 Released 23 March 2020
SIE San Diego Studio
Sony Interactive Entertainment
8.0/ 10
“Power Hitter”
MLB The Show 20 marks another solid entry for the series. New additions to the fielding game are welcome and fans of the sport will find a wealth of systems and modes to enjoy. It may be a bit overwhelming for newcomers, but offers a great range of tutorials to get payers up to speed. There's a lot of game here, provided you enjoy the sport. While it wont make you a fan if you weren't already, it's still the best rendition of the sport you can enjoy from the comfort of the couch.
Reviewed on PS4

Wednesday 15 April 2020

MLB The Show 20 Review
MLB The Show 20 Review
As close as we can get to the real thing right now, but is it enough to please die-hard fans?