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The Outer Worlds

PS4 Also on Switch
Obsidian Entertainment
Private Division
9.5/ 10
“Guiding Star”
The Outer Worlds, much like a solar eclipse has blocked out the rest of the genre with it's excellent systems and setting. Obsidian have delivered one of the best games of the year and in my opinion the best RPG of its kind in years. From it's jaw-dropping visuals and design, to the hilarious world and its colorful cast of characters, The Outer Worlds represents the new benchmark for the genre and is a masterclass in player choice. If you hold even a passing interest in RPGs, stop everything you're doing and play it right away. This is a very special game that deserves all of the recognition I'm sure is coming.
Reviewed on PS4

Friday 31 January 2020

The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch releasing March
The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch releasing March
He's got the whole galaxy in his hands

Tuesday 29 October 2019

The Outer Worlds Review
The Outer Worlds Review
Obsidian provide a masterclass in how to do an RPG the right way!