Last month we ran a competition for a PlayStation VR bundle, and asked those keen to enter which PlayStation franchise would make for a great PlayStation VR game, and why.

The response was terrific, with many really creative and entertaining entries. Also, a few of you suggested Mirror's Edge VR, which surely is only a good idea if you want to get more create with your bulimia purges.

Naturally, there were a lot of vehicle entries, so we only shortlisted the few that we felt stood out. There were also a lot of first-person games suggested that would use Move controllers as swords or such, and while those sound great, we couldn't see how the player character would move around in the world. We also had some people list games that are coming to PS VR already, while other entries were accompanied by nice Photoshops that the judges approved of but refused to be swayed by.

So in the end, our main criteria for thinning the field was: "can we see how this game would work, and are we excited to play it?" An emphasis was put on entries that people had obviously put a bit of effort into beyond "it's X but in VR how is awesome is that?!", because we didn't want to have to use our imaginations.

So, without further ado, here are the entries we enjoyed that nonetheless didn't make the shortlist. Below that is the shortlist, and below that is our winner! Thanks everyone who took the time to enter!


We weren't sold on Xspike's Demolition Derby idea, but we liked what he had in mind for Twisted Metal: "You sit in the cockpit of the car in have a ton of switches on the dash to activate weapons. Boosting along, you see a guy in your rear vision mirror chasing you, you reach for the switch on the dash sending an oil slick out the back of your car causing him to spin, then you flick another switch to set it on fire."

It'll never happen, because: Konami, but Drakarth's vision of an FPS VR version of Metal Gear Solid has our backing: "the adrenaline from having to play in first person would hike everything you do in those games up a notch. Having to peek around corner's/from behind cover to check patrols/enemy locations would be great, and then when you get spotted the heart would be pumping non-stop." Sounds good mate, but you seem like the kind of dude whose storefront would read "Fish n Chip's", and such flagrant apostrophe abuse gives us minor conniptions.

Alistar3000 had a great idea for Red Dead Redemption: "Using the move controllers as reigns as you ride through the old west, the having them turn into your six shooter for duel in the streets. Who doesn't want to be a virtual cowboy?" We sure do, Alistar, but we don't know how said cowboy is moving around. An RDR rail shooter is somewhat less appealing.

Magic carpet!!!! (yes, with four exclamation points) was 3dfx_ownd_joo's idea: "Shooting fireballs / lightning / meteors at other wizards with the move controllers, and Flying around a full 3D fantasy world on a magic carpet." We are mostly sold, but again, is this a rail/carpet shooter, or are we controlling movement with our eyebrows? Too late, we've trademarked that already.

"Who doesn't want to be a virtual cowboy?"
Alistar3000, GP comp entrant

"Using electricity, fire, light etc and seeing it come out of your hands in VR" is definitely cool, Dremorak, but this part of your Infamous pitch grabbed our attention the most: "pull energy out of objects just by reaching towards it and pulling..."

Was there ever any doubt that Chickenman would choose WipEout (and even insist on capitalising the E)? No. No there was not. And while vehicle titles are an obvious – if natural – fit for VR, we agree that the Tron aesthetic and speed of that classic title would be a natural fit for VR – especially combined with a wheel.

We weren't really into NZ_InFerno's Uncharted VR Experience pitch until these words: "using a whip a la Indiana Jones", because using a whip in VR might be the only thing better than using a lightsaber. Grabbing ledges with Move Controllers sounds exhausting though. We're here to be immersed not reminded of our pathetic upper body, thanks.

seanhinton's Last Guardian pitch was short but contained this gem: "you better believe I'm going to be singing the never ending story song while riding that giant cat bird".

CurlyBurl was also keen on Wipeout VR, but didn't capitalise the E, costing him or her valuable style points. A strong pitch overall, though: "why play more realistic racing simulators when you could give yourself motion sickness and a nosebleed with Wipeout VR? Breakneck speed, a thumping techno soundtrack and 500km/h collisions all in immersive first-person perspective!" Why, indeed.

TinHead's idea was clearly an idea birthed by a brain that has never experienced VR before: Tony hawk Pro skater (capitalisation and possession be damned). Better still, he or she reckons pairing it with an actual board a la Tony Hawk's Ride would be fun. It's an idea iller than chemo, but the craziness of it appeals to us, somehow.

"why play more realistic racing simulators when you could give yourself motion sickness and a nosebleed with Wipeout VR?"
CurlyBurl, GP competition enterer

"So many games would be great on PSVR but I'm going to go with Dying Light," said FilmFanatic. "Hacking away at zombies with a machete or katana is already great fun but actually physically hacking away at a zombie would would be so much more fun. Plus going out at night would far more intense and heart pounding." Doubly so when you realised you were rooted to the spot thanks to a lack of movement controls, FF!

Skoptsie chose Jumping Flash "because too few people have experienced the sensation of bounding hundreds of feet into the air as a robot rabbit". And while it's a vehicle game that would give 98% of players insane vertigo, we're always keen for more JF.

Shadow of the Colossus "would have to be the one that I think would gain the most from the overwhelming feeling of scale" reckons BuzzLightyear. We agree, but it's a pity that game is the most overrated of all time. ALL TIME I TELLS YA

Woonsocket reckoned Dark Cloud would work in VR: "I can imagine casting spells by doing certain hand movements, and having to remember the sequences (Almost like the Ocarina songs from Zelda!) SO cool." We agree that this would be fun, but we'd also need a DDR floorpad so we could dodge incoming fireballs.

Brand had the realisation that "all the Gods games like Populous, From Dust, Black and White and Dungeon Keeper would be perfect for VR -I mean most of them already have the dis-embodied hand and everything". However, controlling a cursor with VR seems kinda... annoying and boring?

The shortlist

Here are the entries we felt should have a shot at winning the PS VR. These all went into a virtual hat, and a winner was picked by our old virtual friend,

Frederick James impressed us with his vision of Micro Machines VR: "Imagine hooning around the top of a bathtub, getting bumped into slippery soap bubbles, dodging towering shampoo bottles, having your speed affected when you have to drive over the wet face-cloth hanging over the edge of the bath, all whilst trying to smash your opponents into the bath-water. The friendship-ending duels that would occur would be so much more personal in VR." We even think traditional top-down Micro Machines gameplay would work well in VR if you could peek ahead at the track rather than be stuck in the usual fixed view.

AlmightySp0nge reckons an on-rails shooter with dodging elements is a great fit, and we agree. "Instead of the 'in cover or not' gameplay you could add leaning, ducking, blind fire," Sp0nge writes. "All small additions but things that would make the whole experience that much more immersive." Having seen something similar work in London: The Heist, we're inclined to agree.

Everything about Wertbag's Fight Night pitch made total sense to us, and sounded awesome: "Actual bobbing and weaving, dodges that actually matter. Motion track the hands and let us throw real combinations. Multiplayer letting real world combatants have a fight. It would be a good spectator sport and would even work well for esports VR!" Sure, fighting games were dismal on Kinect, but the PS VR headset tracks really accurately, and surely even the Move can discern an overhand right from a dick punch. We just hope our TV is punch-proof (or our hands are TV proof, more like.)

"Just as you think you're going to fall to your death, the web-rope pulls tight and you swing gracefully in a pendulum"
b0rg, GP competition entrant

KrimzinZV's Dishonored pitch made it this far because it solved the movement problem while reminding us of a whalepunk Superhot, and Superhot is great: "Being able to blink around, picking pockets, back stabbing traitorous scum and shooting crossbow bolts warped by time would be amazing."

Lord Montgomery's vision for R.U.S.E is pretty great: "I could imagine being the battlefield commander, controlling your army minority report style. Zoom in to capture a unit's vision as it engages the enemy. Zoom out to a strategy layer to direct units around the battlefield, order air strikes and set up ambushes all with a few gestures." A good shoulder workout, too.

"For a second you glide out, then the drop comes. Just as you think you're going to fall to your death, the web-rope pulls tight and you swing gracefully in a pendulum, arcing down and back up, half a city block down the street." So reads b0rg's Spiderman treatment, and ooh-wee if we don't wanna play this (and puke) like, right now.

Pinky Spots Leg Massage: SUPER FOOT MAKE JOY! 2 FOOT 2 CURIOUS! is Crow#Zero's idea of a good time, and we laughed at least – a strange sensation we'd almost forgotten existed: "You gently clasp the customers feet (represented with the move controller by holding down each trigger). The customer jumps! 'YOUR HANDS ARE TOO COLD!' You need to warm them up (rub the move controllers together)." LOL

"You gently clasp the customers feet (represented with the move controller by holding down each trigger). The customer jumps! 'YOUR HANDS ARE TOO COLD!'"
Crow#Zero, a crow

BURN_BABY's idea to shoehorn Future Cop: LAPD into VR gets a pass because unlike every other VR vehicle title, "the way your main character transforms would make it a cross between a first person Mechwarrior, Wipeout and Transformers. How cool would that be?" Very cool.

From an outsider's point of view, Pickle's pick of Dragon Ball Xenoverse VR!!!! is a good one because in the anime the characters never seem to move. However, we especially liked the idea of "gathering energy from a group voice chat for a spirit bomb!" and also "gazing up at the huge ball of destruction that has been created before throwing it down towards the unlucky evil-doer who is your intended target". We also hope you have to gel the shit out of your hair then hold a superman pose for minutes on end in order to travel to your next fight. Get on it, Bandai Namco!

Finally, Radian8 went with the ol' rail shooter with dodging, but Time Crisis 6 – Commando was sold well: "Imagine being John Matrix and re-living all the frantic carnage from Commando, from eating ice cream with Chenny, dropping Sully off a cliff after an amazing car chase, beating up Cooke (with 2 move controllers as your fists!) to the final showdown on the island using assault rifles, pistols, knife throwers, m60's and rocket launchers to take down an entire army by yourself all through the eyes of Matrix while in the PS VR!" The dialogue choices were a great touch, too.

The winner

It's... Pickle! Congratulations sir and/or madam! We'll be in touch and get the PlayStation VR headset and PlayStation Camera out to you ASAP courtesy of Sony!

The rest of you, enjoy your continued wallowing in stupid reality, suckers! PS Thank you for entering, enjoy your day!