The original PlayStation launched on December 3, 1994 in Japan – and it changed the shape of gaming forever.

Twenty years on, Sony has celebrated the occasion by creating a very limited run of special edition PlayStation 4 consoles styled using the Original Grey finish of the first PlayStation.

This very special console will not be available in stores. But Gameplanet has teamed up with PlayStation NZ to offer you the chance to win one!

Win a 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4 console
Win a 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4 console
Win a 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4 console
Win a 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4 console

The 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4 includes a matching Original Grey DUALSHOCK 4 controller, PlayStation Camera and Vertical Stand. It also features the classic PlayStation "PS" logo, and is embossed with a 20th Anniversary two-circle-cross-square-triangle pattern. Each limited edition console is individually numbered.

Only 12,300 PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles will be made – the same number of units that were manufactured in the original PlayStation's first run.

Win a 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4 console

The year is 1994. You have brought the PlayStation 4 back in time with you, and must create a '90s-style advertisement or magazine cover for the new console.

This is an art competition. Using MS Paint, Photoshop, pencil and paper, or whatever tool you prefer, design your advertisement or magazine cover. Then share your picture by posting it in the comments below. Entries should be a static image in JPEG or PNG format.

Post your entry in the forums

You don't need to be a graphic design wizz to enter. For this competition, ideas are more important than artistic ability. Entries will be judged against the following criteria:

Relevance to the brief
Context – effective use of '90s design style, tropes or cultural references
Humour or ingenuity

Gameplanet will select ten finalists from the first round of entries closing midday on Monday, 5th January, 2015. These finalists will then be presented for a round of public voting to determine the winners.

The first-place winner will receive a 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4 console. Runner up prizes of PlayStation 4 games will be awarded to the second, third, and fourth placed entries.

Win a 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4 console

Some things to think about :

What was life like in 1994? (A world before the Internet!)
What was popular in gaming at that time?
What other gaming devices was the original PlayStation competing against?
How would today's PlayStation 4 and all its features have been presented if it were released back then?
What did videogame adverts or magazines look like in the '90s?

Below are some examples of adverts and magazine pages from the era. You can find more at Old Game Mags. Check out these old PlayStation TV ads too.

If you find any other great examples from the era, please share them in the comments below!