Red Dead Redemption just keeps going from strength to strength, doesn't it?

With over five million units shipped worldwide since May 21st, Rockstar's sandbox Western has taken everyone by surprise.

Of all the elements of the game we examined in the lead-up to the release date, the multiplayer was always where we felt Red Dead could suffer. It always seemed overly ambitious of Rockstar to let players loose in the game world with barely any regulation, facing off against others quite likely to be several ranks above you and crazier than a prairie dog with sunstroke.

Happily however, the multiplayer modes such as Shootout, Gang Shootout, Gold Rush, Hold Your Own and Grab The Bag imbue this title with a sense of normalcy. They're basic variations on well established multiplayer modes from years back, such as capture the flag, deathmatch, and team deathmatch, and form the basis of the competitive multiplayer.

Free Roam is a bit different. Facing off against up to 15 other players in an open-world environment, tasked with setting up posses and taking on gang hideouts, is a novel attempt by Rockstar to expand on the somewhat limited multiplayer environment in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Mostly, it works. But as this video shows, it's not always OK at the corral.