Part of the charm that came wrapped up with Rockstar’s best game to date (Vice City) was its almost limitless replayability. Sure, the core missions took on average a week of casual gaming to knock off, but only then did the real fun begin. The city was yours to terrorise, buy and blow up (or just hoon around in on a PCJ600 listening to Megadeth).

This reviewer spent many an hour pulling off the perfect jump on the Sanchez. Alas, times have changed. While Red Dead Redemption is a splendid game in its own right, the age of downloadable content is well and truly upon us (along with the slight nervous twitch this kind of paid content system gives me). So, after a good initial offering in the form of some co-op multiplayer in the previous DLC pack, we have Legends and Killers.

What does your $18.90 buy you, then? Hoping for an extension to the already lengthy Red Dead Redemption singleplayer experience? You’re out of luck. Hoping for some new multiplayer maps, characters to play, a new weapon and some assorted frills? Then come this way, my friend. What Rockstar have ready for you is nine new multiplayer maps to complement the existing stages of bloodshed and anti-Mexican racism.

Ranging from large hold-your-own maps such as Tall Trees, Punto Orgullo and Rio Bravo to more intimate and cover-rich townships like Escalera and Blackwater there is plenty of new variety on offer.

To justify the cost of entry, Rockstar seem to have put a good deal of effort into creating a sensible gradient for experienced and novice players. Jump into a firefight alone and without taking cover, and you’ll find yourself full of holes in next to no time. As well as adding new maps, new game types have been added to three of the existing maps.

To go with the new maps, we have eight ‘new’ multiplayer characters to muck about with. Anyone who played Red Dead Revolver will recognise this cheery bunch – which I will now list in no particular order: Previous-protagonist Red Harlow! Trick-shootin’ Jack Swift! Fancy facial-haired Mr. Kelley! Rough-saddled Annie Stoakes! Right side of the Mason-Dixie line (but only just) Buffalo Soldier! Never-wears-a-shirt Native American cousin Shadow Wolf! Descriptively-named Ugly Chris! And last but not least, demolition-bent Pig Josh!

Having these characters brought into the current generation of graphics and multiplayer chicanery is a nostalgic treat and adds more variety to the game’s online experience. Getting killed by a 10-year-old controlling a shirtless, rotund demolition expert is enough to inspire some controller throwing rage, perfect for fuelling a lengthy gaming session.

Legends and Killers isn’t a bad deal if you love playing Red Dead Redemption online. This pack more than doubles the number of playable maps in competitive multiplayer. The new Achievements and Trophies (by and large centred on the new Tomahawk weapon) and the diverse skins available make this pack useful to the hardcore online player – without a doubt its target audience.

Picking which map and mode you are entering can be a little arduous, as can waiting the loading time only to be instantly voted off a server by a group waiting to play with a missing pal. For those just getting stuck into the singleplayer, Legends and Killers can wait until a rainy day.