Playing a game like Bioshock on the PS3 one year later is an interesting experience. Especially once you take into account all the games that have come out since and more importantly the ones that are similar (Dead Space, for example).

It is great to see that BioShock still holds up as a superior game, and is without a doubt still one of the best gaming experiences I have ever had. It makes a very good argument for gaming as an art form, with its open, fun gameplay, fantastic graphics and art style, and not to mention a brilliant and well told story.

The City of Rapture (where the game takes place) is itself a character in the game, and it is wonderful surviving your way through it and trying to image what it was like before everything went so clearly and horribly wrong.

However, because this PS3 version is pretty much the exact same game, I would like to please direct you to our original review for BioShock from last year, as everything said then still applies today. What I will comment on now is what is different in this version.

With regards to the graphics, not a lot has changed. There are a few better textures here and there, but beyond that it is the exact same game. This isn't such a bad thing, as even a year later Bioshock is still one of the best looking games out. This is mostly due to the fantastic art direction it takes.

The main difference between this version and the older ones is the new survival difficulty mode. The developers have said that with this mode "every bullet counts" and this could not be a more accurate summation. This new difficulty mode is brutal. Enemies can take more hits, deal more damage, and ammo, health and all other items are in a much shorter supply. It's actually very clever, because due to BioShock's great gameplay design this new mode will force you to play differently to how you normally would. Therefore it will most likely force you to use certain weapons or powers that you wouldn't have used as much before, simply because you really have to play smarter.

There are only two other differences in this PS3 version. The first is that when you finish it, you will unlock a teaser trailer for Bioshock 2. This is a great little surprise for people; however, the trailer is now freely available online, so it's not much of an incentive for purchase. The other difference is the promise of downloadable challenge rooms that are coming in the next few weeks. These levels will not add any extra story and are loaded straight from the main menu.

So should you get BioShock for the PS3? If you've never experienced Rapture before, absolutely! If you already have this gem on the PC or 360, then unless the coming downloadable content (which is exclusive for the PS3 version) is something that very much interests you, there isn't much of a reason to pick up a second copy of the same incredible game… Unless that's just how much of a fan you are.