Violently gushing, Heavy Rain twinkles as it pours down the side of a big iron door.

The bass resonates through you as you prepare for a momentous visual treat. The developers of Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer jump onto stage and introduce themselves. They explain there will be twisted bizarre story lines, created organically depending on how you play the character. In the background illustrious coloured scenes unwind, and yes, it does appear to be in game!

Visually I don’t think I’ve seen something that full bodied and cinematic before in any game.

The developers then walked us through one of the early scenes, out of a possible sixty. It sounds like it will certainly be an immense game. It's entitled Origami Killer because the game is about chasing down a serial killer who leaves origami in the hands of his victims. It is a psychological thriller and plays through with each scene revealing a different pivotal character.

The developers introduced us to Madison, a young insomniac woman who is out to find some information from a sleazy night club owner. Depending on the actions you choose, you could end up applying lipstick and eyeliner, or ripping your skirt and dancing on a table to get his attention.

Later on, there is betrayal, and you engage in a half naked fighting! Visuals in this game are stunning, even when you are just strolling around as your character. The way it plays is that you're free to roam around trying to find what to do, and according to the level of difficulty you choose, there will be more or less hints in your environment. Hints come in the form of words that appear around the character, and these words become harder to read the more stressed your character is.

For further clues throughout the game, there is also a multi-view scene that splits off the right hand of your screen and shows a scene unfolding nearby.

The game certainly looks amazing and it also plays half decent. I was sceptical about the combat, but it felt acceptable to play, although not highly engaging. This game is visually grand, with heavy drama storylines. It just didn’t quite feel like a game to me, more of a visual journey. It is worth checking out to see how stunning the graphics are. I think it will be a momentous game for how it looks alone, everything is in real-time 3D. They used a lot of motion capture to create realistic body and facial animation, in fact the largest scale motion capture project ever for a video game. The sets are highly realistic, and the stats are boggling; they spent 170 days filming it using 70 different actors!

Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer is due for release later this year exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Check out our screenshots below, as well as the E3 2009 trailer.