The first that you notice about the multiplayer mode of 2K’s BioShock 2 is that it looks familiar.

It’s got that same BioShock feel about it – and it should do, the level we saw played was based on the Kashmir level in the original game (although the layout had been changed to suit multiplayer better).

Multiplayer matches, which are being done by developer Digital Extremes, start out with your character, a welder, at their apartment in Rapture. The apartment is your home base where you start multiplayer matches from.

A nearby bathysphere takes you to the game map as well as automatically finding the right match to suit your skill level. You’re a product tester with Sinclair Solutions and are testing out some of their weapons in the civil war that is raging in Rapture. The multiplayer game is set one year before the events of BioShock.

I saw the Surivival of the Fittest mode in action, which is basically like Last Man Standing. You destroy everyone on the map until you’re the only survivor. You start out with a pistol, shotgun and three plasmids, but get more as you build you multiplayer skill level. You’ll be able to stun your foes first with a plasmid then finish them off with a weapon.

You can also hack weapon turrets, although this time the mini-hack game from BioShock has been removed to keep the game play smooth and disruption free.

Something cool, though, is that randomly scattered about the map somewhere is a Big Daddy pick up that will let one player be a Big Daddy – until they get killed. However, while a Big Daddy might be all powerful, he’s also a really big target for all the other players.

2K says multiplayer will feature the Survival of the Fittest mode, a civil war mode and another mode which they weren’t prepared to talk about.