One of the games on offer at 2K's E3 booth is Borderlands, the title from Gearbox Software that has that funky cell-shaded look about it, and it’s looking pretty darn sweet - although, I’m not 100 per cent sure about the merging of first-person shooting with strategy elements.

The guys from Gearbox ran us through the game world, showing how gathering experience points from kills will upgrade your character, who is like a fortune hunter. Creatures and enemies have names like "berserker" and "mutant midget psycho".

The strategy elements come from experience points that you can get for killing enemies, and you can loot bodies and locations for objects. It seems to be a game that will play much better – and be more fun – as co-op, rather than a straight single player campaign by yourself.

Randy Pitchford, the head honcho at Gearbox, said that the game’s distinctive visual style came from the game’s concept art, and while he wasn’t originally convinced it would work, he went with it because it gave the game an original and unique aspect.

I asked who he thought the game would appeal to more: shooter fans or strategy fans, and whether he thought the mix of genres would work:

“I don’t know. When we came here (E3) we had to fill in a form classifying the game. There was a box for shooter and a box for role playing. We didn’t have a box. It’s a gamble, having a first-person shooter with role playing elements, but I’m very excited about it.

“Spread the word.”