Gameplanet were lucky enough to take a look at EA's upcoming shooter Army Of Two today. Scheduled for release on the 7th March for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 platforms, it's a twist on the typical co-operative game play usually associated with such titles.

Featuring either a live or adaptive AI partner, the goal is to make your way through a challenging series of confrontations with the enemy, drawing fire for your teammate in order to distract the AI. The game features an "aggro bar", a gauge that determines how attracted the enemy is towards each player at a certain time. The more you use your weapons, the more the enemy will target you, but as a result they will lose track of your teammate, to the point where he can become practically invisible. For example, to attack and defeat a gun turret, one member of the duo can draw suppressing fire from behind a bunker, whilst the other member sneaks up to within a short distance of the enemy installation and kills the occupant with small arms fire.

From two man sniping to parachuting, players will experience action-packed scenarios where they will have to use their wit, strength and a deadly arsenal of shared customizable weapons to successfully defeat their enemies and complete the mission at hand.


"Two Man" Gameplay – Co-op is no longer a mode, it’s the game. Team up with a live or AI partner on two-man missions using two-man tactics to ultimately create an advantage that no enemy can withstand.

Partner AIArmy Of Two delivers intelligent partner AI (PAI) that interacts, adapts, collaborates and learns from their human partner. The PAI will also react and adjust to the gamer’s ability and how they play the game by taking the lead or following, driving strategy or taking orders. It is the dream of the human machine.

Customizable Weapons – Customize and upgrade dozens of deadly weapons and share them with your partner off or online.

Dynamic Environments – EA’s Montreal studio pulled out all the stops to deliver realistic character and environmental effects including fluid dynamics that showcase open-ocean water-wave simulation as well as High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting.

Contemporary Storyline Ripped from the HeadlinesArmy Of Two will captivate gamers with a politically charged storyline, focused on the impact and ethical issues of Private Military Corporations.

Online GameplayArmy Of Two redefines two man online gameplay with players seamlessly moving from PAI to live players as they make their way through the game.