Sony has announced that a beta for Uncharted 3’s multiplayer mode will commence on the 28th of June for PlayStation Plus subscribers and inFamous 2 purchasers.

The beta will open to the public on the 5th of July.

Uncharted 3’s multiplayer will include extensive YouTube and Facebook integration. A function called Uncharted TV will allow players to record up to 90 seconds of multiplayer footage. A suite of editing tools will enable them to manipulate the video and add voiceover before posting directly to YouTube from the game itself.

The game’s start-up menu will also follow a player’s friends on Facebook, informing them of any updates and whether they’ve posted any new videos.

Updates and clips can be viewed without leaving the game.

Our goal for Facebook is to really make sure you can interact with your Facebook friends the way you interact with your PSN friends,” Christophe Balestra told ABC (via vg247).

“You can talk to them and you can invite them to your party. You are going to see icons of people’s faces and their real names. So right away it is going to feel bigger.”

Two gameplay modes have been outlined, three-versus-three and eight player free-for-all.

Uncharted 3 will be released on the 1st of November.