Rockstar has announced they will be releasing a free downloadable content pack for Red Dead Redemption as a token of their appreciation to the game’s fans.

Called the Hunting and Trading Outfits packs, the DLC includes two new outfits and associated challenges. Rockstar has also added the elusive Jackalope, the fabled frontier critter that looks like jack rabbit with the horns of an antelope.

Additionally, the Hunting and Trading pack will include a compatibility update so that players who do not have either the Legends and Killers pack or the Liars and Cheats pack can see other players who are using character skins from them.

Rockstar describe the outfits below and you can see screenshots at the bottom of the page.

The Savvy Merchant
This shrewd negotiator is able to get his hands on valuable firepower. Equip this outfit and buy guns and ammunition from any gunsmith for half the cost.

The Expert Hunter
Fears no beast, and emerges from the wilderness with valuable pelts and hides. Equip this outfit and receive double the amount of skins and hides from hunting.