Qauntic Dream’s David Cage has spoken out about his early ambitions for Heavy Rain, saying his studio was initially interested in both 3D and motion control.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Cage says, “We are interested in both 3D and motion control. The very first game design of Heavy Rain was based on a motion controller, actually, that we designed ourselves. We wanted to use the Dual Shock and clip a plastic part on it with three little lights that would be detected by the EyeToy.

“That was four years back, so we suggested the design to Sony but it was not feasible at the time, so we agreed to go back to Dual Shock.

“But we’ve had an interest in motion control for a very long time, and all of Heavy Rain’s interface is really designed around motion. So we have a lot of interest in this motion controller, we start to play with it, and yeah, we definitely want to do something with it.

“Now, is it going to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive? Well, that really depends on the publisher of Quantic Dream’s next game.

“If it’s Sony again, yeah no doubt it’s going to be exclusive.” (Via vg247.)