DICE have announced this morning that the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multiplayer beta will commence on the PS3 on November the 19th. The beta will feature one map, Arica Harbour, wherein up to 24 players can compete in one of the game’s four multiplayer modes, called Rush.

The map sees a US assault unit attacking a Russian army base. As the forces advance towards the shore, vehicle-intensive combat gives way to infantry fighting.

Beta keys are available to any Kiwi who pre-orders the game from participating retailers.

Patrick Bach, Senior Producer on Battlefield: Bad Company 2, says, “With Battlefield: Bad Company 2 we’re looking to raise the bar across all aspects of our multiplayer experience, setting a new standard for online play. From the graphics to the vehicles, weapons and destruction, we are delivering the best online multiplayer game next year, and we want gamers to experience it themselves by playing the beta and demo.”

On December 9th, PC players will be able to get in on the caper with an open beta. A demo will follow early next year on all systems, before the game hits New Zealand shores on March 5th.