Ellen Page is considering a lawsuit against Sony after the publisher included nude depictions of her likeness in Beyond: Two Souls, reports The Hollywood Spectator.

It was recently discovered that in the game’s debug version, a free roam camera can be selected and controlled during a shower scene wherein Ellen Page’s character Jodie is completely naked.

The Juno and Inception actress has a strict no-nudity policy.

“The images are from an illegally hacked console and is very damaging for Ellen Page,” a Sony representative told Cinema Blend.

“It’s not actually her body.”

As the story broke, several sites claimed to be contacted by Sony representatives requesting the coverage be taken down.

Currently, Beyond: Two Souls carries an ESRB M for Mature rating in the US.

Quantic Dream’s second game, Fahrenheit, had some of its sexual content removed for Stateside audiences.

Its next game, Heavy Rain, featured full frontal nudity but was released unedited by the ESRB.