There is no game over screen in Beyond: Two Souls, says Quantic Dream founder David Cage.

Cage told Joystiq that instead, failure has consequences that don’t bring the narrative to a stop.

"I've always felt that 'game over' is a state of failure more for the game designer than from the player," he said.

"It's like creating an artificial loop saying, 'You didn't play the game the way I wanted you to play, so now you're punished and you're going to come back and play it again until you do what I want you to do.'

“In an action game, I can get that – why not? It's all about skills. But in a story-driven experience it doesn't make any sense."

Cage gave the example of Beyond protagonist Jodi attempting to evade the police on a moving passenger train: if caught, players must help her escape from a locked room rather than simply restart the same sequence.

Even a character death won’t result in the end of the game, said Cage.

"It's a game about death, so you can imagine that death plays a role in all of this," he said.

"Actually, it's one of the big discoveries – one of the big mysteries in the game is to discover what's on the other side. And it's definitely not a black screen."

Beyond: Two Souls is due out for PlayStation 3 on October 9.