Someone identifying themselves as a Gearbox developer has claimed that the threat of legal action from publisher Sega pushed Aliens: Colonial Marines out the door before it was properly ready.

Identifying as throwawayacm on Reddit and claiming to have worked on the game for 18-months, the supposed developer said that constant delays since the announcement of the game six years ago forced Gearbox to outsource a good portion of its development and ultimately release an unpolished product.

“Initially, the plan was for TimeGate to take the majority of campaign, Gearbox would take multiplayer, Demiurge and Nerve would handle DLC and various other focused tasks,” they wrote.

“This decision was made mostly so that most of the developers at Gearbox could continue working on Borderlands 2, while a small group of LDs, coders and designers dealt with Colonial Marines.”

According to the post, Colonial Marines would be in active development only to be shelved in favour of other projects such as Borderlands and Duke Nukem, and each time it was resumed it would undergo a major content overhaul.

“The last time it was resumed, Gearbox outsourced a good portion of the game to outside companies,” they wrote.

According to the post, with legal action from Sega looming, Gearbox was given one final nine month extension to finish the game, five of which it spent finishing Borderlands 2.

“In that time, TimeGate managed to scrap together 85 per cent of the campaign, but once Borderlands 2 shipped and Gearbox turned its attention to Colonial Marines, it became pretty apparent that what had been made was in a pretty horrid state,” they wrote.

Allegedly some last-minute feature requests such as female marines were accommodated, and the game shipped with many of its marquee features oversimplified.

The post also claimed that “the rush to throw a playable product together came at the cost of the story” in the game.

Elsewhere on the web, videos are surfacing which demonstrate the drop in quality from the demo Gearbox showed last year to the actual completed game.

Last week during his DICE keynote, Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford claimed the game's development was not outsourced.