A former Gearbox employee is claiming that the majority of Aliens: Colonial Marines wasn’t developed by Gearbox Studios but instead by Section 8 studio TimeGate.

According to gaming sleuth Superannuation, forum posts by a former Gearbox developer in May last year revealed the truth about the game’s development.

“Hate to say it, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up too high for Colonial Marines,” reads the post.

“I used to work at Gearbox, and the development of that game has been a total train wreck, going on what, 6 years now?

“Gearbox isn’t even making the game, except for the multiplayer. Primary development was outsourced to TimeGate Studios, which has a less than stellar past.

“I hope it proves me wrong, as I still have a lot of friends still working at Gearbox, but I am expecting it to be average at best.”

A SEGA rep told DSOGaming that the game was “absolutely not” outsourced.

“Other studios [like Timegate] helped Gearbox on the production of single and multiplayer,” they said.

Gearbox president Randy Pitchford outlined the studios that helped develop the game in his DICE talk last week.

Demiurge helped with networking, multiplayer, and the Wii U port, while TimeGate Studios worked on “probably about 20 or 25% of the total time [and] of you take pre-production out of it, their effort’s probably equivalent to ours,” he said.

“Now, it’s not fair to take pre-production out of it, but that says a lot about how much horsepower those guys put into it.”

In addition, Nerve Software built multiplayer maps for the game, said Pitchford.

Meanwhile, a PCGamesN reviewer has played through one of the game's non-stealth stages without firing a shot: