Elite Tattoo owner Chris Escobedo has filed a lawsuit against THQ regarding the use of a tattoo in UFC Undisputed 3.

In the copyright infringement suit, Escobedo is alleging that the developer did not seek his permission to replicate in-game a tattoo he drew on fighter Carlos Conduit.

“I would not have agreed to the recreation of the tattoo by an animator,” he said, adding that at a minimum he would have insisted on approving the artwork and being fairly compensated.

“People often believe that they own the images that are tattooed on them by tattoo artists,” said Escobedo’s lawyer Maria Crimi Speth.

“In reality, the owner of the tattoo artwork is the creator of the work, unless there is a written assignment of the copyright in the tattoo art.”

Escobedo and Condit never had a written agreement, and therefore Escobedo is claiming ownership over the image.

This is not the first time such a case has been brought – Mike Tyson’s facial tattoo was used without permission on a character in the movie The Hangover II with its creator receiving an out of court settlement.