Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki would prefer that his game be known as satisfying rather than difficult, and is thinking of ways to entice players put off by its now-legendary toughness.

“I am aiming at giving players sense of accomplishment in the use of difficulty,” said Miyazaki, “however, it is true that Dark Souls is rather difficult and a number of people may hesitate to play”.

“This fact is really sad to me and I am thinking about whether I should prepare another difficulty that everyone can complete or carefully send all gamers the messages behind our difficult games.”

Gamers wanted interesting and worthwhile games to play, he said, and so stressful elements of games that did not contribute to these goals should be removed.

“If the number of easy games is increasing nowadays, I guess it is because difficulty is not related to interesting and worthwhile game elements in many games among players.”

Miyazaki wasn’t sure if the game would receive DLC or a sequel in the future, or whether he would be a part of its development if it was on the cards.

“If I reveal my unprepared opinion here, the decision makers may scold me!”