Devil May Cry Creator Hideki Kamiya is derisive of the Devil May Cry reboot under construction at Western studio Ninja Theory.

In response to a tweet seeking his opinion on Ninja Theory’s work thus far, Kamiya, who led development of the series at Capcom, replied, “Whatever.”

Of particular contention among gamers is the redesigning of protagonist Dante. The new look Dante “pulls inspiration from today’s rebellious youth,” says Ninja Theory's Tameen Antoniades.

When a twitter user said he already misses the old Dante, Kamiya replied, “I miss him, too.”

He continued, “I’ve been sad since Dante left me.”

The new Devil May Cry, the fifth game in the series and called simply DmC, is in development for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. There’s no release schedule yet.

See the first screenshots here.