Thanks to PlayStation NZ, we have 250 beta codes for the upcoming ModNation Racers to give away to whoever wants them, on a first-come, first served basis.

The Beta starts on the 23rd Jan and will run till 14th Feb.

Available in the Beta

  • Four premade tracks by United Front, 2 of which are European exclusives and was not seen by SCEA beta testers
  • Creation Station will have a selection of items including elements to create your unique character, kart parts to make your perfect racing vehicle and an Alpine Track theme so you can follow in the footsteps of the E3 presentation and load up a level with sheep!
  • Share station will allow you to show off your creation or download others and play

With the breadth of content the Beta testers have plenty to look forward to, but bare in mind the download is 2.1GB in size. If you are unable to download this much data on your internet connection, please do not apply for a key. In addition, once the beta closes your creation will be gone.

To receive a key, simply post in the comment section below. Please remember, this is open to NZ readers only, and we will be checking IP addresses before sending out the codes in a Private Message to your GP Forums account.