Just when you thought the show was over, the creators go out and compile a whole new set of questions and create, Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz. That’s right, the game show you love most is back for another round of questions, which now cover the lives of those whose names shine bright in the lights of Hollywood.

Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz is the sixth installment of the series, but the first which solely focuses on the lives of the celebrities of Hollywood. So all the those movies you’ve watched and gossip magazines you have read will now come in useful, as The Hollywood Quiz covers all aspects of the stars of Hollywood from clips, movie quotes and still shots to name a few.

The game's structure remains largely unchanged, and for those who don’t know, Buzz! is a game show where you are asked a question and you must correctly answer as often as you can to be crowned the Hollywood Quiz King. The show is headed by a man with an affable grin, Buzz. He is a host with a huge personality and loves to give contestants a bit of stick now and again, although he can get a bit annoying after a while.

Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz takes place on a new stage which has been kitted out Hollywood style, with big flashing lights and enough bling to light up a small country. The setup is also carried through to each of the rounds you play, but obviously with each having a different look to match the theme of the round. The type of rounds are similar to what we have seen in the past, with some new additions such as Fact or Fiction where gamers will be asked to distinguish tabloid gossip from the real thing. And a game show wouldn’t be a game show with out its contestants. The Hollywood Quiz sees a new breed of cartoon contestants which you can choose to represent you on stage. Doesn’t really mater whom you choose as they have no bearing on the result, but they do add to the game's quirkiness with each having different personalities.

All the new bits and pieces of The Hollywood Quiz really don’t make much difference, apart from dragging the show out and making it easier on the eye. The way the game works is the same as its predecessors, and the thing that really separates The Hollywood Quiz from others is the questions.

Hollywood Quiz again features a fair amount of questions (around 5000+) and are delivered in various forms such as still shots or snippets of movies. Our initial thought was that the questions might not offer much and focus more on gossip, but after a bit of play we found the questions covered a wide range of subjects and different genres. The gossip questions are sparse and are not doggy or controversial either. It's good, clean fun and will cater for young and old.

After giving the different difficulty levels a go we couldn’t really see much of a difference. You do get the odd tough question in the hard difficulty setting, but it really make no difference as the difficulty depends on your knowledge of the question being asked. This is probably what makes Buzz! so successful, in that it allows for more of an even playing field.

Ovrall, it’s a bit like the SingStar series. It has seen many releases on the PS2 console, but yet nothing changes apart from the tracklist. Why people still get it is because it cater to all and is a great party game. Buzz! is in the same category: you don’t need a major overhaul of the game, you just need to add a bit of variety in the questions being asked, how they are presented and a few friends willing to go head to head. Once you have this then you’re in for some great times.