If you have ever wanted an RPG that is full of wired and wacky characters then Rogue Galaxy might just be the ticket you’re after. It’s a cartoon styled game that sees you venture to the ends of the galaxy in search of a great adventure that otherwise would not have been possible if not for a series of odd encounters and a case of mistaken identity.

Rogue Galaxy is based around Jaster Rogue, a local from a small town who longs for an adventure that would take him away from his mundane life and a town which has nothing going for it. His quest for adventure is about to come true when he has a strange encounter with a bounty hunter. Somewhat confused by the encounter, Jaster then meets Simon, an alien who can be described as anteater and Steve who is a C3PO look-alike, both of whom are searching for a legendary bounty hunter and confuse Jaster as him. Convinced Jaster is the one, they ask him to join the crew of Dorgenak to embark on a travel through the galaxy in search of a crew and a much needed adventure.

Along the way you will be joined by other odd looking creatures who join the crew of the Dorgenak. They include the likes of Jupis who looks like a gecko on legs and Deego, a metal clad dog like creature. A fair amount of detail has gone into the design of each character and apart from the C3PO look-alike, they are all creative and original looking. This is tied in nicely with some great voiceovers, which sees Simon having a accent similar to a Scotsman. However the stories of each are a bit weak, but then the storyline of Rogue Galaxy in general doesn’t hold its own either. You have the odd twists when you really discover the truth of the galaxy and what it really holds, but a lot of it is predictable and has no depth. Mind you, some tend to bypass the story and just jump right into the thick of things. Let's be honest, most don’t play games because there is a great story to be told, some just skim the story and look more at general game play and what the game holds. A decent story is good to have for a RPG, but it doesn’t have to be great, it just needs to be good enough to move things along smoothly and to some degree Rogue Galaxy does this nicely.

All levels of Rogue Galaxy are packed with action and fun filled adventure to keep you going for hours on end. Its cartoon design looks great and ties in with the 3D layout and openness of the levels played. Even better, the open levels are not all just for show, but can be explored to uncover hidden mini-games and items that may help you out along the way. At times, though, due to the size of some levels, the game seems to drag on and become a bit tedious. Enemies do pop up every so often to break up the game a bit but again after a few hours of play, a lot of it seems to be repetitive. The enemies who attack vary both in size and speed, but the attacking style remains similar and battles start to feel more like a chore.

Although, you could try new things and ditch Jaster! Play as some of the other members of the crew of the Dorgenak. Some of the crew are not restricted to being your AI companion, but are also playable characters with each having different strengths. Initially you will play as Jaster, but as the game progresses the character selection starts to open up, allowing you to play with the likes of Simon, whose rocket launcher might come in handy. The choice of which character you can choose is determined by the party in which you travel. Generally you will explore places in threes and from the three you can choose which one you want to play, although you’ll probably spend most of the time playing as Jaster himself, as he is pretty handy during battle. He comes equipped with a sword and hand gun, but of the two, the sword is more effective with both its versatility in ground and air attacks, and impact it has on enemies.

In addition to the to the general weapons on hand, you can also look to unlock and enhance or learn special abilities through the “Revelation” system. The abilities within the Revelation function can be used at anytime and against anyone, however the selection process is somewhat cumbersome as the game pauses when an item or ability is selected through an onscreen panel. As great as some of the abilities are, you could easily get by through some good ol' fashioned button bashing. It's not to say the controls are difficult, because they're not. They are relatively straightforward and onscreen help is at hand through the first few stages to help you understand the structure and intricacies of the game.

For all the new features introduced for RPG adventure, it sadly does not do enough to make this game a great play. There is plenty in the game to keep you going for hours on end as it has five massive worlds to travel across and a number of side missions to complete. They also look pretty good with the 3D layout and are made even more impressive with the amount of detail. Unfortunately with all that said, Rogue Galaxy seems to drag on and become a bit repetitive after a few hours of play. It starts out with some great battles and crazy characters, but really is not enough to keep this game entertaining through its massive journey of the galaxy.