Capital City has called on its finest in a bid to rid the city of gangs who have run riot throughout, pushing the city on the verge of destruction. It’s a classic case of cops and robbers, but with more force, speed and done at any cost in Sony’s soon to be released, Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice.

To be released on PSP, Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice sees you take on the role as the commander of the Pursuit Force division. You’ll be tasked with bringing down gangs such as the Raiders, who like the Pursuit Force division, will hit hard and fast in various ambushes giving you little time to go on the defensive. It's no Hollywood blockbuster storyline, but the action packed into this may remove the need to have a decent plot.

Moving right along into the game itself, Extreme Justice takes place in a fictitious city of the USA and is based on one of the top police divisions of the city. It features an entire division going up against the gangs - and their kingpins - of the city. The division consist of a wide range of specialist from heavy assault to air support. Some may also ride shotgun providing extra gun fire or even lining up enemy cars and hijacking them for your own use.

Cars aren’t always going to be the answer to get through some battles, so you might want to look to acquire jet-skis or even a fully loaded police helicopter. It makes for some interesting times as you're not restricted to one means of transport, a bit like what was seen on GTA where pretty much anything goes.

Anything goes seems to be the theme throughout Extreme Justice, which is great as it allows for more variety during general gameplay. This is also carried through to the multiplayer mode where it can be customised to meet your needs. Build the ideal mode by adding more guns or cars. From here, share it with a few friends and see who will come out on top.

Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice has a number of other great features which we have listed below.

Key Features:

    * Take on the role of the cop commander of Pursuit Force; chasing down 5 rogue gangs across a huge fictional state in the United States.
    * Take down new boss vehicles in order to bring the corrupt police division (Viper) to its knees.
    * Fast paced arcade action fusing traditional on foot, driving and combat mechanics to create a unique gaming experience.
    * Acquire and pursue with a wide variety of vehicles including motorbikes, speedboats, sports cars, SUVs, and the fully armed Police helicopter.
    * "Play Anywhere": Cross-platform game saves - Save your game on the PS2 version, transfer it to your PSP and continue the game on the move from where you left off (and vice versa).
    * Massive Boss Battles: Leap aboard massive boss vehicles such as a tank, train and even the wings of an airplane to do battle with ruthless enemy lieutenants.
    * Customise and Share Multiplayer Game Modes on PSP: Adjust options such as game time, amount of cars, jumping, weapons and more to create your own unique multiplayer game modes. Name your mode and share it via wi-fi.
    * New Playable Characters and Enhanced Story: Pursuit Force is recruiting - meet new team members and join them in an intriguing original story threaded through the entire game.
    * New Gangs and Vehicles: Meet new gangs The Syndicate, Raiders and VIPERS each with new vehicles such as Bike & Sidecar, Jet-skis and the super-cool Hovercraft.
    * Returning gangs: The Warlords and the Convicts.