Rogue Galaxy is due for release mid September and it just so happens, that a preview copy has come our way. Without getting to much into the storyline, Rogue Galaxy sees Jaster Rogue thrown into an adventure after a case of mistaken identity. It all starts out with Jaster going about his normal mundane life when all of a sudden the ground rocks and a beast appears. The beast heads towards a highly populated residential area and, realising the danger, Jaster quickly sets out to take down the beast, and it is from here the adventure begins.

On first look at Rogue Galaxy, it’s fair to say that its 3D layout and cartoon design looks good. It sets the scene for this RPG adventure and the wacky and wired characters Jaster meets. And there are plenty of them, including a C-3PO look-alike named Steve, and his alien friend Simon. They are all wired, but original, looking characters with each having a personality of their own. The voiceover of each is pretty good too, and adds a little bit more to the characteristics of each. Each also have stories of their own to tell and you get to uncover them through your travels across the galaxy.

These characters you meet are not confined to your AI companion during your travel or battles as they are also playable. Utilise the various skills of each to expose your enemies, however most of the time we spent playing as Jaster who is easy to handle and effective during battle. Jaster comes equipped with a sword and a hand gun, but of the two the sword seems to have more of an impact through its versatility in both ground and air attacks.

As fun as Rogue Galaxy looks, it may take a little time to get a handle on the controls and how everything works. It’s not overly difficult, but it’s important you understand the structure of the game and what everything means if you want to succeed. Not to worry though, as there are plenty of tips throughout the first couple levels which help explain the intricacies of Rogue galaxy.

There are plenty of other aspects of this game that make it interesting, from its open and explorable environment, endless action it throws out at you and the mini games available. There is enough to keep you going for hours on end. For now check out the key features and screenshots as the release date nears.

Key Features:

Epic 3D Gameplay: More than 100 hours of gameplay and five massive worlds to explore, each with highly detailed environments and unique, cel-shaded graphics.
Multiple Playable Characters: Eight playable characters, with up to three controllable on-screen at the same time.
True action-RPG: Real-time combat system provides the opportunity to customise attacks and switch between characters during battle.
Build Special Weapons and Items: Combine different weapons to create more than 500 new weapons. Players can also manufacture specialised items by locating 'schematics' throughout the galaxy.
Mini-Games and Side Quests: In addition to solving the mysteries of the epic story, Rogue Galaxy features a number of mini-games and extra missions.
High Quality Movies: More than eight hours of cinematic sequences help to drive the action-packed storyline, and numerous plot twists will keep players guessing right to the very end.[/list]