A new threat to global security is near and an agency is tasked with eliminating this threat in project Dark Mirror. Join Gabe Logan, a commander of the agency, as he dives into the field to find out more and take down those responsible.

Dark Mirror is another addition to the Syphon Filter series on PS2 and is due for release later this year. However we thought we would give you a heads up on what’s on offer as we have been fortunate enough to get our hands on a preview copy.

Originally released to PSP, Dark Mirror gets ported the other way and onto the PS2 console. Having not played the PSP version it’s difficult to compare the differences, but not too much has been compromised.

From the initial cut scenes the feel of the game is very similar to its predecessors where the design is smooth and detailed. It's pretty impressive and this smooth design is carried through to gameplay where quite a lot of work has evidently gone into the surroundings of the game as well as Gabe himself.

In general terms gameplay is relatively straight forward and very similar to previous versions. So it’s hard to point out any new features apart from the improvement in the graphics. If you are new to the series then Dark Mirror is a good game. It has some good action and is not difficult pick up and play. However the preview copy only has a single-player story mode. When more is added, we will give you another update. But for now check out some of the features and screens on hand.

Key features:

30+ missions take Gabe Logan across the world as he tries to discover the truth surrounding Dark Mirror and unmask the shadowy individuals behind the project.[/list]

Amazing cinematic presentation and incredible visuals suck players into Gabe Logan’s action-packed world of espionage and intrigue.[/list]

State of the art weaponry gives players enormous variety in how to take down enemies. Tackle terrorists with a sniper rifle (MB 150) that uses a variety of darts such as tazers, gas and explosive ammo. Shoot to kill with a wide range of hard-hitting rifles, pistols and shotguns, or use devastating grenades and mines to infiltrate behind enemy lines.[/list]

State of the art gadgetry will give you the edge in any situation. Infrared, night vision and EDSU (Electronic Device Sensing Utility) goggles help Gabe to do the undoable: detecting hidden devices, following heat signatures and spotting targets in the blackest night.[/list]