If film director Tim Burton's rendition of Mars Attacks! inspired the Destroy All Humans! video game - and provided instant understanding of the game's premise - you'd be forgiven for expecting next month's sequel to simply continue down the same path. In fact there are new inspirations at work in Destroy All Humans! 2, adding 1960s political paranoia to 1950s Mars mania to 1960s as the new game spoofs spy humour along the lines of Austin Powers. Destroy All Humans! 2 starts where the first game left off: in Bay City, with you as president. Of course, no-one knows your alien identity.

We are advised by the developers that nothing is geographically correct. From the opening US scenario, the game moves on to a spoof of London. And in Japan, you also got to fight ninjas and Godzilla, or at least a Godzilla-like creature that doesn't infringe on anyone's IP. Of course there are the Japanese schoolgirls, and the cops all want to be like Shaft. And then, from here we get to meet Dr Go in Russia, an international man of mystery kind of character, incidentally also a eunich (apparently Krypto has been cloned to regain his own important parts). Destroy All Humans! 2 has the same Pandemic writer as the original. He "did America head to toe" last time (at least the middle part of the continent). Add to the re-recruits many of the voiceovers, including lead character Krypto.

Weapons are expanded from four to eight. The developers couldn't let go of the probe, but the new arsenal includes the Burrow Beast, which burrows after a scent, then surfaces and eats people. There is also the mother of all air stikes in the form of an on-demand meteor strike, while the new anti-grav gun turns things over and collides them together. We also have Gastro the janitor, who has been cloned thousands and fitted with guns. You can further upgrade Gastro during the game. The post-Roswell climate still permeates the atmosphere of Destroy All Humans! 2, and instead of controlling the citizenry you are now able to bodysnatch them. Stategic smarts will dictate opportunities such as becoming a cop and giving the all-clear on the matter of the presence of alien beings on the street.

Destroy All Humans! 2 is about two-thirds larger than the original. The developers say it takes them more than a day to play through the game, 15 hours or so - especially if they do the side missions, which are a significant part of the plot.

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