The discovery of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ “Hot Coffee” minigame code and the subsequent investigation by the Federal Trade Commission took its toll on Rockstar, Dan Houser says.

“It was draining and upsetting, a tough time in the company,” the Rockstar creative VP told The Guardian.

“The massive social decay that we were supposed to induce hasn’t happened. So in that regard, a lot of those debates that used to go on, they’re not such a big deal now.”

The sex minigame was cut from the game but discovered in its source code by hackers, to the outrage of moral conservatives and political grandstanders everywhere.

“We never felt that we were being attacked for the content, we were being attacked for the medium, which felt a little unfair," said Houser.

"If all of this stuff had been put into a book or a movie, people wouldn’t have blinked an eye. And there are far bigger issues to worry about in society than this.”

Following the discovery of the code, Rockstar was subject to a class action lawsuit, which it later settled out of court.