The Templar favours both strength and intelligence attributes and skills – a valuable combination as he seeks to uncover the mysteries of the corrupted continent where players have been exiled.

The Templar can also be seen using several new skills such as Spark, a spell that launches lightning bolts that rebound off obstacles. The Sweep skill allows him to spin around, knocking enemies back with his mace or staff. When equipped with a shield, he can use Shield Charge to smash his way through hordes of foes, dealing a crippling stun to his eventual target. The Templar also has easy access to both Endurance and Power Charges, which, once charged up, spin around the player and grant extra endurance and damage respectively.

“In battle, the Templar can play as a traditional melee character or a hybrid battlemage, able to endure substantial damage while slaying monsters with spells” says Chris Wilson, Grinding Gear Games’ co-founder. “By dealing some of his damage with strong melee weapons and the rest with a barrage of spells, he offers many new combat options over the traditional warrior or spellcaster classes.”