The Sims has traditionally been known as a series with a plethora of expansion packs and additional content to purchase, with well over fifteen titles being released in one way or another building on both The Sims and The Sims 2.

Now, Electronic Arts are bringing the love to the Sims 3 in the shape of The Sims 3 World Adventures.

We won’t waste a lot of time going back over The Sims 3 game mechanics as these have been thoroughly covered in our dedicated Sims 3 review, however it's important to focus on what the expansion pack does in the way of new features and content, and if it's a worthy addition. We largely felt that The Sims 3 had made some real improvements over previous titles in the series, and because of this our expectations on The Sims 3 expansion is also decidedly higher than normal.

The Sims 3 World Adventures is designed to take your Sims around the world to France, China and Egypt. Each region has special and exciting things for your Sims to do, and each location has a range of dangerous adventures for your Sim to complete, places to explore and new skills to learn. For example your Sim can become a photographer, a martial arts master, or even an explorer through the tombs and pyramids of Egypt.

To travel abroad the Sims need a visa, which starts off at a low level meaning only short travel is available until they complete adventures, with higher level visas meaning longer stays and unique rewards as well as the possibility of a holiday home. What is exciting and very different to the usual run-of-the-mill gameplay is the tombs that you explore in each country you visit. This introduces a whole new style of play where your Sims skills and abilities dictate their level of success. Your Sim may find a trap and attempt to disarm it, but there certainly is no guarantee they’ll be successful as it's so dependent on their skill.

Your Sims can also go shopping and collecting for items that may help them on their journey through the catacombs and tombs. A range of useful camping and adventure-style equipment such as dry food and a tent will aid your Sim to remain refreshed, even when battling through a tomb or running away from a mummy. This new gameplay aspect really is the highlight of The Sims 3 World Adventures, however it's still just the icing on a very palatable cake.

The amount of new and beautifully themed objects, recipes and more, each distinctively matching the area in the world where they are from is fantastic. Have a passion for Europe and for France? Deck your house out with rustic items that look as you’d expect in a deliciously exaggerated French feel. With the new clothing, items, areas to explore and the beautifully themed environments The Sims 3 World Adventures feels like the best Sims expansion to date, simply because it genuinely changes the way we play the Sims without simply glossing over the same old formula. The addition too of a basement making tool will certainly help people create even more crazy Sims houses and characters, with what feels like endless new possibilities.

If you enjoy the thought of chowing down on baguettes and sitting in French coffee houses, or clambering through Egyptian tombs and learning martial arts and meditation in China chances are you will love this. The new expansion pack does a brilliant job of transporting Sims around the world, and allows players to dive right back into the fantastic world of the Sims.

The only real downside to this expansion pack is that its so much fun and reinvigorates our passion for the game that we’re spending far too long playing it.