Much like the season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Telltale’s second episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne falls flat way too often to make it an experience worth remembering. It is comprised of just a handful of interesting scenarios and characters, and as such, hope for a well-executed Michonne backstory is starting to fade.

[WARNING: Spoilers.]

Titled Give No Shelter, episode two picks up right after the end of the first, following Michonne and Sam’s struggles in Norma and Randall’s compound. Having negotiated with Greg’s shooter, the focus is quickly turned to finding Pete – one of Michonne’s colleagues.

The Walking Dead: Michonne episode 2 review

This situation, if anything, should be one filled with tense moments – something Telltale expertly implemented in its main Walking Dead series. However, the pressure is never applied. Instead, Pete’s inevitable rescue feels rushed (and, honestly, way too easy), with the game then forcing you into a quick X or Y decision before you make your getaway from the compound.

Frustratingly, this is the pattern with which episode two unfolds, too. Despite sporadic moments of greatness, quick decisions and rushed chapters plague the episode, leading to an experience that’s way too short, clocking in at just an hour (!). There’s simply not enough time for story and character development, and the episode continually fumbles one of The Walking Dead’s best characters.

The story picks up when Michonne eventually finds herself at Sam’s house with her family, though. Given the primary focus of the series is on Michonne and her mental situation, it was refreshing to have other characters to talk with and listen to. The stories they share with her and the way you can relate to them feel real and grounded, further establishing what kind of world these people have found themselves in. It speaks volumes that I felt like this sequence was close to being the strongest in the mini-series so far.

The Walking Dead: Michonne has felt too rushed for my liking, and it hasn’t allowed the world and characters to grow on you as they did in either season of the main Walking Dead game. The situations Michonne’s already found herself in are ones that, with more time, could have been really great. Instead, they’re brushed aside too quickly to have any real impact.

The Walking Dead: Michonne episode 2 review

The only real events of interest here take place in flashbacks, which seem to throw Michonne back to the time when the outbreak had just begun, and to the hallucinations she’s suffering over her daughters Elodie and Colette.

These scenes are well crafted, and continue to showcase how haunted her psyche is over whatever it was that happened to her kids. Given the ambiguity here, I’m curious as to how Telltale will tie this end of the story up in the next episode. As is the case with the main plot, it doesn’t feel like this subplot has had enough time to develop and become all that important.

This is the overarching problem with The Walking Dead: Michonne – nothing is particularly developed or important. A few scenes aside, it feels rushed. The final chapter of this episode showcases some of the more enjoyable, cinematic fighting seen in a Telltale game so far, but that aside, there’s really not that much to get excited about.

So while there’s still one episode left, I can’t help but feel that this mini-series has been a missed opportunity for Telltale, especially given how great and fascinating a character Michonne is.