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So let me talk next about the thing that really makes us really different. The thing that no-one else does anywhere like we do, and that's realm vs. realm. Realm vs. realm is our take on player vs. player combat. So, realm vs. realm, when you start a game, you choose a side. You choose either the Ream of Order, or the Ream of Destruction. The good guys vs. the bad guys, if you will. You can choose between the High Elves, or the Dark Elves. The Green Skins or the Dwarves.

Each side is a fundamental choice - once you choose, you cannot change during your game experience. Realm vs. realm becomes the ultimate form of PVP, the ultimate thing that you do within our game.

Six years ago, we brought out a game called Dark Age of Camelot where we invented realm vs. realm. In Dark Age of Camelot we did a lot of great things, a lot of siege, and a lot of land capture, and some very fundamental, cool stuff. With Warhammer Online, we're going to take that way to the next level and beyond.

So realm vs. realm is a feeling of camaraderie, of realm pride. Pride in your cities, pride in the lands that you own, pride in the things that you do with you and your realm. You've always got someone behind you, supporting you in realm vs. realm. There's always a built-in group of friends, if you will.

So there's a lot of different types of RVR in our game, and they're all built one upon each other. Every place you go, every land you enter in Warhammer Online has a place to do RVR in. Simply by entering the RVR area you can participate in RVR.

Now, one of the first things that players will encounter are what we call "scenarios". Scenarios are instanced, schematically based arena combat, if you will. They are places that you can go to participate in RVR in an evenly matched scenario. So this is where you might find ten-on-ten, twenty-on-twenty, forty on forty - but always in a fairly evenly matched manner. There are over thirty of these in our game, at least one in every land that you go to, and in some lands, two or three, depending on the state of the realm war. So these are quick - they last for fifteen minutes. Simply by entering the game is a quick and easy way to get in. It's almost like a mid-session game for us.

So, open-world RVR takes place in every land. It encompasses skirmishes, battlefield objectives, and "keep" and "siege capture". So, it's persistent and ever-present. You can run out on to the battlefield, see your enemy over the hill, charge him and give battle - this is not necessarily evenly matched, which makes it a little more exciting, to some people at least. So skirmishes take place everywhere - battlefield objectives focus the skirmish. They're things you fight over in the skirmish area. Things that you want to fight and capture.

"Keeps" are massive battlefield objectives, literally castles that you can lay siege to, and capture for your realm, take for your own and help dominate the land. How does all this tie together? It ties together in the campaign game. The overarching game of land capture, taking from your enemy what is his and making it yours, the ultimate game of world domination.

The campaign takes all of the things I've talked about, questing and adventuring, Tome of Knowledge unlocks, all of the RVR we've talked about, skirmishes, scenarios, battlefield objectives, keep captures, it takes all of these different pieces and combines them together in what we call "victory points". So as you are victorious within the world, you're actually able to capture different lands, and push the battlefront back.

So, where this takes you is, towards that ultimate goal I talked about earlier - your enemy's capital city. As you are playing through the game, you can see your enemy's capital in the distance, you can open up a map and see how well he's doing. See what types of rewards are available for him within the city. And then by driving him back, you can literally lay siege to his capital city, attacking it, knocking down his gates, and getting the biggest rewards from the game.

Let me talk about City Siege. So again, your city is levelling up. It's getting really cool new areas. It's getting all of these rewards, the things you've strived for throughout the game experience. Your enemy sees that, and pushes you back to the gates of your own capital city. He can literally pull out his siege engines, his catapults, his ballistas, his trebuchets, and lay siege to the city itself.

So imagine, if you will, attacking a city. Pulling all of your friends together from your realm, the hordes of your friends, picking up a torch, fighting your enemy within the very streets he loves so much. Running through the streets, torch in hand, kicking down the doors to his houses, running inside, setting fire to them, looting and pillaging everything he holds dear. Breaking into his businesses, robbing his banks, desecrating the temples.

All of the things your enemy has strived so hard to unlock, all of those new areas, all the wonderful quests that he now has access to - well you have access to them now. You can now partake in all of the things he's spent so much time gaining for himself. So within the cities, literally you fight street to street, door to door, pushing your enemy back, and there's a massive amount of things to do in the cities.

Within the city there is a palace, and each realm has a king. You can, if you're good enough, pull the king out of his palace, fight him, hopefully defeat him, then you can take him back to your capital city and lock him in the stocks, and literally throw rotten tomatoes at him. Take pictures of him and put them on the web. Make fun of your enemies.

So that becomes the never-ending struggle within Warhammer Online. It becomes the thing that players play forever, back and forward push between capital cities. Capturing, and recapturing, going for your enemies city, building your city up and watching it get torn down. That's the thing that makes Warhammer great.

So, all these things I talked about, public quests, Tome of Knowledge, living cities, and most especially RVR, those are the things that set Warhammer Online apart. Those are the things that people really haven't had experience with in any MMO out there. Those are the things that really make us special.