00:00    Hello World
01:05    Goat Simulator
02:15    Get a viral buzz goin’
05:00    Dan’s no Kickstarter fan
06:15    Evolve, the latest FPS out of Left 4 Dead studio Turtle Rock [Preview]
14:55    The Elder Scrolls Online [Preview]
25:40    Craziest movie ending ever
28:45    Infamous: Second Son [Preview]
33:05    The Last of UsLeft Behind DLC [Trailer]
34:00    Nidhogg [Trailer]
38:30    Divekick [Trailer]
40:40    Don’t Starve [Trailer]
42:40    Outlast [Trailer]
50:00    Flappy Bird
54:55    What is making us happy? [Matt, Matt’s other pick, Dan, James]

Outro Song: Goatwhore - "Apocalyptic Havoc"