Blizzard has today announced the StarCraft II World Championship Series, an event that will be the culmination of more than 30 eSports events run by Blizzard and its partners.

The goal is to identify the true global champion of StarCraft II, with players from regions all over the world – including New Zealand and Australia – competing against one another.

Each region will hold its own qualifying round, followed by tournaments at the national level. “The National Championships are designed to allow local heroes to rise to the top and be recognized in their country,” writes Blizzard.

“The top finishers at each National Championship will earn spots at their continental Finals events, which will be an all-out brawl between neighbouring countries to decide who will represent their continent at the World Championship.”

National championships will be held for between eight to 64 players, depending on the nation’s size. Presumably New Zealand will be at the very lower extremity of the scale, so places are limited for those interested in representing the country at the international level.

An FAQ an more details about the StarCraft II World Championship Series can be found on