ArenaNet has revealed new details regarding Guild Wars 2’s World versus World battles. The inter-server battles will last two weeks and be played on maps that support more than 300 players.

Anyone is able to join the fight, and all characters will automatically be buffed to be “roughly equivalent” to level 80, says the developer on its official blog.

Servers will be ranked, and winning or losing will affect the server’s position on a ladder, meaning future battles will either be more difficult, or more appropriate to the server’s overall commitment and talent.

The battles will take place across four maps in an area called The Mists. There are three maps called The Borderlands where each team has a home advantage, and a central map called the Eternal Battleground.

All maps have resource nodes, keeps and towers, the capture of which creates an aggregating resource called “supply”, and contributes to the server's overall War Score. Keeps are defended by walls, gates and NPCs, including a lord, which will require teamwork to bring down.

Then, of course, there are players from the other server. Guilds are able to claim and upgrade keeps with gold, however they’ll need to defend NPC labourers as they upgrade each structure. NPC guards can also be upgraded.

To aid in the capture of keeps there will be a range of siege weaponry such as Trebuchet, Arrow Carts, Catapults, Ballistae and Siege Golems. These units require supply to build. Defending teams receive supply from caravans that will also need to be defended.

Next, there are Orbs of Power to fight over. These are kept in keeps on the opposition’s Borderlands maps. Defeating the NPC Keeper, claiming an Orb of Power and placing it on a Cradle of Power – found in any other keep – will boost the abilities of all servermates.

Systems designer Mark Ferguson says a low level character who has been adjusted to level 80 will be at a disadvantage when facing off against a natural 80. “So what's a low-level character to do? Anybody can man a siege weapon, help repair walls, or go hunt down enemy dolyaks, so even new characters can still be useful in the Mists - as long as they pick their fights wisely.”

“Fights are rarely one-on-one affairs, so if you're just starting out, you'd be wise to find some teammates to fight alongside you as there definitely is strength in numbers.”

Felled enemy players will drop random, level-appropriate loot and gift experience points to the victor.

Guild Wars 2 goes into public closed beta in March.