BioWare has outlined several content updates for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and suggested that the game’s update schedule will be “more aggressive” than that of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft.

The first content update (patch 1.1) is called Rise of the Rakghouls, and will be available on Wednesday, 18th of January, NZDT.

Two further content updates will arrive in March and “as soon as possible after that”, reports Eurogamer.

“For the first patch we have the first part of Rise of the Rakghouls," SWTOR game director James Ohlen told Eurogamer. “For the second patch in March we have the second part of Rise of the Rakghouls.

“Rise of the Rakghouls is quite an epic story, it's really, really long and really, really epic. The development of Rise of the Rakghouls has happened over the past year, so we've had people working on it off and on for a long time, so people are going to be quite impressed with it.”

Rise of the Rakghouls adds a level 50 Flashpoint in both normal and heroic modes on planet Kaon.

There’ll also be a new Operation for eight or 16 players called Karagga’s Palace. Here players will face off against the Hutt Cartel in normal, heroic and nightmare modes, and seek to discover why Karagga chose to break agreements with both the Republic and the Empire.

The content update for March will include a whole new planet, another Operation, playable by eight or 16 players, and another Warzone.

Also in the same patch is the Legacy system, a rewards scheme for creating more characters. More guild functionality and guild banks will also attend the patch. Changes to what Ohlen calls “the space game”, presumably Space Battles, will also be made in order to make it more “useable” to endgame players.

“We're going to be adding PVP ranking,” continued Ohlen. “This is really important to the PVP community; they want to be able to compare themselves against each other. So we're porting that in. So we have a lot of different game systems and a lot of different content coming in March.”

“We know people expect the game to continue to grow. And this is kind of the test for players - our players want to know are we going to continue to grow the game, are we going to support the game? And the answer is yes.”

“We've got our entire team focused on releasing new Game Updates on a regular cadence and making sure that we continue to work on balance issues and bug fixes.

“I'd say we're gaming to be more aggressive than the industry standard World of Warcraft in terms of how often we release our post-release content,” concluded Ohlen. “We know that that's something we have to do because we need to convince our fans that we're serious about this.”

Star Wars: The Old Republic is expected to launch in New Zealand and Australia in March. Players wishing to get a head-start should visit Gameplanet’s Star Wars: The Old Republic forums for community advice on how to purchase online. You can read Gameplanet’s review of Star Wars: The Old Republic here.