Battlefield 3 developer DICE has had to remind irate gamers what the term “beta test” means.

Battlefield 3 has been undergoing a somewhat bug-ridden online test, something that has frustrated some players. In an interview with the Guardian, DICE’s Patrick Liu wishes to remind such players that a beta test is not a demo.

“There's been a misunderstanding of the term 'beta test',” said Liu. “We ran the alpha tests with a rush map and we wanted to have some sort of reference so we could compare results - so we needed to have more-or-less the same map.”

“Our primary intentions have been to test the backend,” Liu continued. “As we said at the beginning, we have six times the number of players we had with Bad Company 2, we have record high concurrent users compared to anything we've done before. And we know it works. In previous games, like Bad Company and 1943, we've had serious problems with the backend, it's just been overloaded - this time it hasn't been a problem.”

“We just wanted to know it wouldn't crash and burn at launch,” he said. “It was horrible with Battlefield 1943 - it sold ten times the numbers we thought it would, and it was down for three or four days which is really bad. We don't want to go through that again.”

Battlefield 3 is to be released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this month.