The boss battles in Eidos Montreal’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution were outsourced to a studio called Grip Entertainment.

The boss battles in Human Revolution were widely ciriticised as they universally demanded a direct approach whereas the rest of the game could be negotiated by stealth.

In a video, Grip Entertainment boss Paul Kruszewski explains, “Full confession: I'm a shooter guy. I was coming into this not knowing a lot about the Deus Ex world.

“The guys at Eidos gave us the design, gave us the engine. We brought in our own behaviour tree engine and we gave them back that experience.”

In spite of the occasional frustrations thrown up by Grip’s additions, Deus Ex: Human Revolution has been both a critical and retail success. Gameplanet wrote of the game, “For gamers who loved the first game, there is much to enjoy and rediscover here. Those new to the series you will find it nothing short of a revelation.”